Writely – The Web Word Processor


If you need a free word processor that you can use from any computer, anywhere in the world I recommend using Writely.

This little online tool can let you write, save and share your word documents without using Microsoft Word or WordPefect. The only thing you need to use this tool is a computer with Internet connection and a browser. That’s it.

Writely is perfect for those of us who need to edit, publish and share documents online without depending on bloated software packages. Users can also collaborate on a document, revise it and even blog it.

That’s not all, you can also upload your Microsoft Word document to Writely and edit that document online. Once you are finished editing your documents online, you can dowload your document in Word (.doc) or in Html (.html) formats to your desktop.

Writely has done a great job with the interface and the usability aspects of their online tool. Two thumbs way up!