What is Campfire?

Campfire LogoCampfire is a new web application that lets multiple users connect online in one place to chat and share files. This is the latest tool from 37 Signals, who also have developed Basecamp, Writeboard, Backpack and Ta-Da List.

This tool could be useful in many different type of setting. For example, if you are an Admissions Counselor at a University and you need to conduct an information session online, you could use Campfire to create a chatroom for all Prospective students and walk them through the Admissions process by chatting, sharing files and slides with the users.

If you are a Sales Manager and you have many employees in different geographic location, but you would like to connect and talk with all of them at the same time and share slides, sales spreadsheet or numbers in one location on the web (without spending money for all salespeople to travel all the way to your headquarters), then you can use Campfire.

Take a tour of this web application online and see for yourself!

Web Design From Sratch

I came across webdesignfromscratch.com which offers a step by step guide to Web Site Design. The site is produced by Ben Hunt and is filled with articles and tips on current web design trends, choosing color scheme for a site, content development, design techniques and much more.

No matter what level of expertise you might have, this site is usefull for all web designers of all ages and deserves to be bookmarked.