To Publish or Not to Publish: Google Page Creator

Google is beta testing Google Page Creator that lets anyone with a Google account to create and publish a web page.

Google Page Creator Interface

The interface is very simple and easy to use. The online tool creates all the html code in clean XHTML with CSS to style the content. Like all other Google applications, the Page Creator has a very user-friendly interface and offers ways to change the layout and 100 MB of space to publish your web site. Also, you can choose from 5-10 different templates with different color schemes to style your homepage any way you want.

Take a test drive and see for your self!

Small Tip of the Day!

Please do not underline text on a web page to emphasize a word or a sentence on the page.

Use {HTML: strong} tag to bold it instead. I have seen many sites lately that underline important text in their content. I am not going to point fingers here, but these sites have thousands of visitors everyday, it is important that this basic usability priciple needs to be understood by “webmasters”….

Underlining on the Web means that it is a link, so unless it is a link, please stop underlining your text on the web!