Weekly Round-up

Eurid suspends more than 74,000 .eu domain names
Eurid, the nonprofit organization in charge of the .eu registry suspended more than 74,000 .eu domain names because of “domain warehousing” (buying up domain names with the intent to resell).

Google adds real-time traffic data to its mobile Maps
Also this week, Google introduced click fraud statistics report to its Google Adwords customers. Click fraud is considered fradulent when bot machines or humans keep clicking on Google advertisements multiple times in order to run up the ad costs to the advertisers.

Tantek Celik and Rohit Khare: The Progress and the Promise of Microformats
An interview with Tantek and Rohit on the start, development and the future of Microformats.

Job site partnerships with Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News
Careerbuilder.com has ended its relationship with the two local newspapers.

Samsung introduces a new digital player
Samsung Z5 plays music, videos & display photos. Its battery can last 35 hours. At the same time Microsoft is planning to launch its ‘Ipod Killer’ – Zune at the end of this year.

Weekly Round-up

Are you a Blurbarian?
If you use blurb.com, you are considered to be a Blurbarian. Blurb.com let’s people design and publish their books without going through a major publishing house. In other words, anyone and everyone can become an author now.

Googling for the Blind
Google is testing a version of its search engine for people with visual disabilities.

Job Openning: Director of Electronic Media, Hamilton College
Visit their web site for detailed job description and online application.

Web Visions 2006
This year’s Web Visions 2006 opens today at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR.

There are 12 million blogs, 57 million blog readers
According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project reportm, 8 % of Internet users, or about 12 million American adults, keep a blog, and that 39 % of Internet users, which is about 57 million American adults, read blogs.

Weekly Round-up

Yahoo and MSN are speaking
Yahoo and MSN users now will be able to connect with each other and share contacts. This latest ice braker is seen as a bold move against their rival Google.

American Automakers’ web sites suck
David Meerman Scott, author of Cashing In With Content blogs about his experience with American Automakers web sites.

Vibe Streamer
Play and stream your music anywhere.

Insanely great newsletter on photography.

Turn your digital videos into paper flipclip books. Very neat concept.

Easily draw maps and give custom directions using Google Maps.

Mobile Screen Reader & Scanner

New mobile device is developed by inventor Ray Kurzweil that can help people with visual disabilities to read any type of text and even web pages. This device uses a digital camera to scan the text first and through text recognition software reads aloud text or a web page. The beauty of this product is that it lets people with visual disabilities to read any type of text on any surface without being near a computer. Cost: $3,500.

More information is available at www.knfbreader.com.

Weekly Round-up

Wufoo – Making Forms Easy
Create forms online simply with Wufoo. It let’s you design forms with drag & drop feature, collect form in a database, create reports, download data and much more. I love this service. Designed by guys at Infinity Box Inc.

Relay-AJAX Directory Manager
This new tool helps to manage directories and files through a very sleek and user-friendly interface.

Google the Inventor
Interesting NY Times article about how a search engine became an inventor of its own kind.

AOL Internet Service Free?
Yes, AOL might offer its dial-up service for free.

World Cup Finals are finally here
This weekend Italy and France will be battling for the first place in the World Cup, while Germany and Portugal will play for the third place. Cameron Moll posts about US vs European coverage of the World Cup and he is right on target. I prefer watching the World Cup games on Univision-spanish channel because ESPN does a horrible job in its coverage of this greatest sports event in the world.