Getting High on Corn Syrup

As a nation that consumes too much sugar, yet is so obsessed with losing body weight, I think I might know why we are (or will be) getting fatter year after year. It’s because of this simple ingredient in our diet that we might never notice: High Fructose Corn Syrup. This is not the only factor for people’s obesity, however it exists amost in every kind of food we eat today.

What’s wrong with corn? or Corn Syrup? There is nothing wrong with eating or cooking corn. However, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a different animal. HFCS is a combination of many different refined sugars, glucose and fructose. One tea spoon of HFCS has double the sweetness of a sugar of same amount. HFCS is cheap to produce than sugar, so it has become one of the main sweetners for food and soft drink manufacturers.

If diabetes runs in your family, like mine, you might want to find out what foods and drinks have HFCS. Kate Hopkins at Accidental has compiled a partial list of foods that have HFCS.

Cookies, soft drinks, candy, cereal, canned soups, bread and many more foods have HFCS. Here is a good exercise, go to your local grocery store and look at the ingredients of a cookie. See if you can find HFCS in it.

There are number of articles on linkage between obesity and HFCS. According to American Dietetic Association: “The link between beverages, HFCS and obesity can largely be accounted for by their contribution to calorie intake. Current research indicates that HFCS is a major source of excess calories.” In other words, when farmers want to fatten up their cows, what do they do? Feed them lots of corn.

Times Online U.K. summarizes all of the points above neatly in an article titled, “Beware the Devil’s candy.”

Everyday we are faced with a choice of what we want to put in our body.

As famous 1930s nutritionist Victor Lindlahr said, “Ninety per cent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs. You are what you eat.”

Weekly Round-up

Got Laptop Batteries?
Both Apple and Dell are recalling millions of laptop batteries that are faulty and that may explode when they are overcharged. Visit Dell or Apple battery recall program web sites to see how you can get your battery repaired. In other news, you are not allowed to use your Dell laptops in airplanes, because of this battery problems.

New Ipod Killer from SanDisk
The new mp3 player from SanDisk, the 8GB Sansa is twice the size of the 4GB Ipod but offers the same price ($249.99). More buck for your money! Also, Dell is now out of the digital music player business. Good for them, they can now focus on making their core products better and safer.

Cybersquaters face Microsoft
Microsoft is taking two cybersquarters to court for registering 400 domain names that have some variation of misspelling of Microsoft products. So if you type in Microfost and you see some silly page, that’s probably the work of these cybersquaters. I salute Microsoft for this move! True story: back couple years ago was actually an adult site with graphic contents that had nothing to do with the White House in Washington, D.C.

Tea is healthier than water?
According to BBC News article drinking tea is much more healthier than water. Well, after reading some of the properties of teas and especially green tea, I am actually convinced these claims might be true.

Tip of the day: If you are trying to eat healthy, then visit, they have a complete library of ‘The World’s Healthiest Foods’ and their properties.

Upcoming Event: The Future of Web Apps Summit
Big pow wow of web application developers in San Francisco from September 13-14 to discuss how they developed their products and the future of web application developement. You will meet and mix with web developers from Yahoo!, Google, Flickr, digg, Newsvine, Drop Send, Technorati, Odeo and others at this event. Register online at summit’s web site.

Weekly Round-up

Blog Burst
New syndication service for blogs. Wanna be popular online, then you want to check them out.

Webcast My Wedding
Ok, did you ever miss a wedding of someone very close to you? I have. Webcast My Wedding is the answer. They stream the whole wedding on the web for people like me. Cool.

If a person next to you is talking loudly on his/her cellphone and you are really helpless, then Cellzone is the perfect place for these super talkers. If they only had one of these in commuter trains, the whole world would be a better place.

US to Keep Control of ICANN
US Government will continue to regulate and operate Internet’s naming authority ICANN until 2011.

How Much Blog and How Often?
Article on blogging and some basic guidelines and tips from the authors of Publish and Prosper: Blogging for Your Business.

The Quiet Death of the Major Re-Launch

Are you redesigning your (business, personal, corporate) site once a year? If yes, then you will find Jared Spool’s “The Quiet Death of the Major Re-Launch” article very useful. Jared suggests that sites should not be redesigned too often, instead they need to be “re-aligned” and “improved.” Clear examples can be seen from Ebay’s and Yahoo’s redesign of their sites that confused some of their users and making others angry. The article offers how Ebay creatively solved this problem by introducing changes and updates gradually, instead of a complete new look.

Weekly Round-up

Edit and save photos online.

Chatrooms may banned from schools
MySpace, Friendster and Facebook could be banned by the U.S. government.

Web 2.0 version of well-known logos
Collection of logos with Web 2.0 spin. Pretty cool.

I humped your Hummer
Watch out anti-SUV people are humping cars on the streets. : )

SEO and URL Structure
Great article on search engine optimization and its relationship to file structure, file names and information architecture of a web site.

Apple iPhone?

I know you love your iPod. How about getting a cool phone by the makers of iPod? Yeah…I want one too…

Apple has been working on it’s mobile phone for a while now and images of the new phone is circulating on the web now. The product is called iChat Mobile not iPhone. As always, Apples has done a superb job on the design and on the interface of this new phone. See photos of Apple iChat.