Predictions for 2007

Happy New Year!

This year has been a crazy year. We had Gootube, Zune-pod, Google Office, Vista, Firefox 2.0+, IE7 and much more…

As we finish off year 2006, I have some predictions for 2007, here they are:

  • Comcast will buy Yahoo!
  • Apple will make iPhones
  • Google will create an OS for PCs
  • IE 8.0 vs Firefox 4.0
  • CSS 3 will become coding standard
  • Vonage will be out of business
  • HP will buy Gateway
  • Smart Phones kill PDAs and PocketPCs
  • 100 GB USB thumb drives will be hot
  • Splogs=Spam+Blogs will be the next frontier for spammers

These are just my predictions, but the reality could be way different. What the heck, let’s see what 2007 brings to us…

Weekly Round-up

Times Magazine features best inventions of 2006.

Freshly redesigned Simpler and cleaner design.

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Google Patent Search is live. For example, you can search for finger puppets, and of course, someone already patented it. :) lets you manage your finances in one place online and get advice about what do with your money. helps to organize your life by creating electronic “yellow notes that think.”

Adobe comes up with new icons and branding for its products. [via Veerle]

Weekly Round-up

New Jobs at Vitamin
UK firms are looking for web designers, developers and programmers.

Google, Yahoo & Microsoft Team up for Sitemaps
Three major search engines agreed to work together on using Sitemap XML protocol for ranking web sites.

Google gives $2M to Stanford Law Internet center

Web Builder 2.0 Conference – Web 2.0 Conference Designed for the Entire Team
December 4-6, 2006 at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

In Web World, Rich Now Envy The Superrich
Interesting NY Times article about web entrepreneurs and their drive to become richer.

Enterprise Information Architecture: A Semantic and Organizational Foundation
New article at Boxes and Arrows.

Record and watch your users and how they interact with your web site.