Weekly Round-up


20 Must Have Firefox Extensions (via computerworld.com)
The latest version of Web Developer Extension on Firefox 2.0+ is very useful for web designers, I highly recommend upgrading your browser and download the newest version of the Web Developer Extension.

Microsoft creates JPEG format killer
Code-named HD Photo could become a new standard for image formats that could replace old JPEG format (.jpg or .jpeg) that is used for digital formats of graphics as well as images in electronics and the web.

Are you Joosting yet?
The good people who brought Skype are now launching an online TV service called Joost. Check it out!

Yahoo’s Panama Project Takes on Google Adwords
So far Yahoo has done well with its relaunch of sponsored search results system so called Panama, in hopes to take some share of the market from it’s biggest competitor Google Adwords.

12 Quick Tips To Search Google Like An Expert
We all “Google” by just typing in words to the search box and receive basic search results with web site listings, but there is much more you can get out of Google’s searchbox… 

Vonage to pay $58 million for patent infringement
According to the court ruling Vonage infringed on two patents held by telco giant Verizon. Another setback for the young voice-over-ip company.

Five important principles for designers
A short article for designers who think design is art.