10 Things Apple Needs to Add to iPhone

iphone screen shot

After playing around with an iPhone, I am really impressed with Apple’s new mobile device. However, it does not have everything, and there are still some areas that could use some updates or additions.

There are 10 things I would like to see Apple engineers add to the iPhone (or iPhone 2.0):

  1. Cut & Paste button or function (there is none right now)
  2. GPS plugin or IP based geolocator for Google Maps
  3. Zoom feature for the Camera
  4. Video shooting using the Camera
  5. Flash support for Safari
  6. File storage and viewer
  7. Ability to record sound
  8. Option to have multiple signatures for different email accounts
  9. Vertical viewing for emails
  10. Improve and Add a new to do list application

Update: 11/2/2007

Here are few more critical issues that needs to be also addressed on the iPhone that I forgot to include on my previous post:

  • Battery Life (is not good)
  • Microphone volume control (low quality)
  • Better download Speed for EDGE Network