Target Settles Web Accessibility Lawsuit

Accessibility+TargetThe giant retailer, Target settled the lawsuit brought by the National Federation of the Blind for inaccessibility of Target’s web site to people with visual disabilities. The magic number for the settlement was $6 million. Although the settlement amount is nothing to write home about. However this case will push other big box retailers (or any other online retailer) to start cleaning house and bring their web sites up to standards. By standards I mean the 508 Web Accessibility Standards.

Update (9/17/08): Just in time, Digital Web Magazine published an article on “Understanding Disabilities when Designing a Website“.

Browser Wars All Over Again?

Google Chrome

It is great that Google is constantly innovating and coming out with tools and web applications that are used by millions of people around the world. However, the recent launch of Google’s own web browser Google Chrome makes me a bit worried about restarting of the Browser Wars of 1990s.

The release of this new browser could help to improve the web browsers, or it could potentially start a competition among web browsers to start creating “custom tags” or “smart tags” that render web sites in their own way. This will create even more work for web designers and developers, because Google Chrome will be another web browser that we have to test all our work on to make sure that our sites render correctly. Is Google really rocking the boat? We don’t know yet, it might take another few years to see the adoption rate of this browser by the public.

For now, dive in and try the new browser for yourself.