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Re-thinking Mobile Marketing

This week I attended a great webinar by Google’s Avinash Kaushik(@avinash) on mobile marketing and advertising strategies. Avinash is a funny guy and really knows his stuff. One of the takeaways from the webinar was “integrate mobile strategy” in every aspect of your online marketing strategy. According to Microsoft, half of all local searches are done through mobile phones, which means businesses need to adapt and optimize their web sites for mobile platforms today.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn more:

Customers Squeeze Tropicana: Lessons in Rebranding

Sometimes the rebranding and redesigning of products, web sites and logos are disliked, and even hated by customers. In the past we heard horror stories of eBay’s homepage redesign, or Coke’s introduction of New Coke. I recently saw the newly redesigned Tropicana at the store, and personally it really looked some generic store brand product, and it did not stand out from the competitors (since there are gazillion different products in this category). Recently the company announced that Tropicana will be going back to the old design for their packaging after hearing from many disgruntled customers of their dislike of this new design… I guess this must have been a very expensive exercise for the company.

Tropicana Packaging

Email Design Guidelines

Sample HTML Email DesignEmail design is one of the most difficult tasks that take a lot of time and planning by web designers. Recipients of your pretty HTML emails have a very short attention span and on top of that your email looks different depending on what type of email program or service people are using. You have to keep testing the email to make sure it looks normal across many different email platforms.

Once the design of the email is completed, then you have to pay attention to the subjectline, images, wording and contents of your email, because it might trigger spam firewalls and throw your pretty HTML email into a Junk Mail of the recipient.

I came across this short article by good folks at Campaign Monitor on Email Design Guidelines, which could help us make sense of all this mess and maybe help to get our email message across to our recipients without getting shotdown by spam firewalls.