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Septa Schedule on iPhone

Septa Schedule on iPhoneThis week is full of iPhone news and coverage of its new 3G debut on Friday. In the same spirit I thought I would share one of my favorite web applications on the iPhone, it is This is a type of site that I use everyday. It has all timetables and schedules of trains in Philly.

Even if you have another type of mobile phone (Blackberry, Treo etc..) with a web browser you can still use this site.

Three geniuses put together this little web app, and kudos for designing such a useful and easy to use iPhone app. Thanks!

Check it out:

Something is in the AIR

adobe air bus

I recently attended the Adobe AIR Bus Tour in Philadelphia and was quite impressed with the updated version of Apollo, which is now called AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime).

As many technology junkies predicted, line between web and desktop applications are beginning to blur. One of these technologies that bridges the gap between the web and the desktop is AIR. AIR allows you to easily develop and run web applications on the desktop in any platform or operating system as long as you have Flash Player installed. There are many AIR based applications already developed that you can download and install on your computer. For example, the Kuler Desktop, the online application for creating online color themes is pretty cool.

AIR logoThere are number of ways to develop AIR based applications, using Coldfusion, CSS+HTML, Ajax, Javascript and others, just make sure you have Flex Builder or the AIR SDK on your computer to test them out. Also, check out the tutorials if you are new to AIR.

Weekly Round-up

Microsoft Designs High-Tech School in Philly
Kudos to Microsoft and to Philadelphia School District for pulling this off. Let’s hope that other big cities move in the same direction to rescue their failing public school systems.

Phony Web Design Company Shutdown by U.S. Court
Beware if some web design company calls you to setup your web site for free. If you accept their “no-obligation” free-trial offer, you will pay an arm and a leg at the end of the month.

Web Builder 2.0 Conference
If you want to build rich-interactive web applications or would like to learn how to start, then you might want to take a look at this conference. It will be held from December 4-6, 2006 in Las Vegas, NV.

Amigo is a new service that matches advertisers with online newsletters. Built by the same good people who brought you Drop Send. Web Accessibility Lawsuit Gets Green Light
U.S. Judge in California upheld the lawsuit against The lawsuit came about because was not accessible to blind users.

Crazy Egg
Very neat service that shows you where people are clicking and where they are not on your web site.

Add microformats magic to your site
Article on how and why you should incorporate microformats into your site.

Wireless Philadelphia

Philadelphia at Dusk  { Photo by B. Krist for GPTMC }Philadelphia is becoming one of the first big cities in the U.S. to provide wireless internet connection (wi-fi) to its residents. A lot of other big cities around the world are watching how this whole wireless effort turns out. The city is targeting to finish the project and have wi-fi ready by summer of 2006.

There is a great article on BBC News titled “Wi-fi Venture Tests Philadelphia,” which points out that the city’s primary objective is to reduce the digital divide among the residents by providing low-cost internet connection. The city will charge $10-$15 for the service.

Who would pay $40 to Verizon to get DSL internet connection or $60 to Comcast for cable connection? Probably, but not many.

It will be interesting to see how Verizon and Comcast will fend off their new competition — the city of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is the Next Great City

According to National Geographic, Philadelphia (aka Philly) is the next great city in the U.S.

Philadelphia Museum of Art and Skyline { Photo by B. Krist for GPTMC }

This is a wonderful news for the city, which has seen dramatic boom in its cultural and economic sectors in the last two decades. Philly is home to hundreds of museums, nationally ranked restaurants, historic landmarks, largest city park in the world, top universities and research institutes. The country literally began right here.

Find out why Philly is the next great city