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New Search Engine by Microsoft: Bing Search Engine

Microsoft launched a new search engine It is a revamped version of search engine, which has not been successful in the past few years. But I do like Bing’s features and new preview tools it offers on the search results page. It offers a clean design and many customization options to the user.

Test drive the!

Here is a short video about Bing:

How to reduce Junk Mail

I absolutely can’t stand junk mail in any form. I receive so much junk mail both through email and by regular postal mail, that I have to spend at least 3-4 hours a week deleting, shredding and throwing out both types of junk mail. I am sure this is the case for most of us today, we get bombarded by spammers, emarketers and direct mailers all the time.

There are spam filters for our emails, however it much more difficult to control paper-based junk mail.

Here are some startling facts about paper-based junk mail according to, every year Americans receive close to 104.7 billion pieces of junk mail which requires to produce 6.5 million tons of paper. More than 30% of junk mail usually ends up in landfills.

Well, now there are some solutions for reducing paper-based junk mail.

Catalog Choice

I recently came across Catalog Choice that can help in reducing mailbox clutter, specifically catalogs that usually fill up my mailbox. Catalog Choice helps to eliminate catalogs that you don’t want to receive which can help to reduce paper waste and save trees, plus it is free. It is a great concept and I highly recommend it.


There is also GreenDimes that helps to reduce all your junk mail not just catalogs, which is also another good solution. GreenDimes also plants trees on your behalf when you sign up to their premium service.

Weekly Round-up

Times Magazine features best inventions of 2006.

Freshly redesigned Simpler and cleaner design.

Pimp your photo with PikiPimp.

Google Patent Search is live. For example, you can search for finger puppets, and of course, someone already patented it. :) lets you manage your finances in one place online and get advice about what do with your money. helps to organize your life by creating electronic “yellow notes that think.”

Adobe comes up with new icons and branding for its products. [via Veerle]

Weekly Round-up

Designing for Interaction: Creating Smart Applications and Clever Devices
Workshop by Dan Saffer who literally wrote the book on “Designing for Interaction: Creating Smart Applications and Clever Devices“. This all-day workshop will be held in New York, NY on October 25, 2006.

Google Office Updates
This week Google finished integrating its Google Spreadsheet and Writely (aka Google Docs) applications.

Latest Alist Apart Articles
New articles on Working with Others: Accessibility and User Research and The ALA Primer Part Two: Resources For Beginners

The Rise of Flash Video
Article by Tom Green a well-known author of many Flash books and training CDs.

Understanding Ajax: Getting Started
AJAX tutorial for beginners.

The 25 Worst Web Sites by PC World