Web Site Usability: A Designer’s Guide

Web Site Usability: A Designer’s Guide is a book on user centered design that helps web designers with usability issues while designing sites.

Here is what Jacob Nielsen had to say about this book:

Even experienced Web designers should read these usability findings about 11 different site designs. Competitive usability testing is one of the most powerful ways of learning about design and this book will save you many hours of lab time.”

“What about inexperienced Web designers? Lock up their copies of FrontPage and Photoshop until they have finished reading this book — twice!”

Web Design World Boston 2005

The conference will take place on December 12-14 at Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA. It is a great conference that includes Zeldman, Kelly Goto, Doug Bowman, Dave Shea and covers many topics some of which include AJAX, CSS, XHTML, XML, Web Logs, Dreamweaver 8 and Flash 8, web standards, web design workflow and user experience design.

For more information and registration, visit Web Design World Boston 2005 web site.

Live from Philly!

After months of procrastination I finally decided to launch my blog.

I believe that the web as a medium is still young and still has more room to grow. We are all students and we still have much to learn about the web and how it can be utilized in different ways.

To understand and learn more about the web and web design in general I decided to launch this web site that will hopefully engage people to exchange ideas through this site.

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