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Best iPad Note Taking Apps

According to PC Mag Top 5 iPad note taking apps are:

  1. Note Taker HD
  2. Penultimate
  3. Notability
  4. Evernote
  5. Next!

Notesplus iPad App

My favorite from that list is Evernote, it is free and can also sync up all your notes between your iPad, iPhone and computer in the cloud.However, for drawing and sketching I really like Wacom’s Bamboo Paper.

Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper is awesome, it is easy to use with fingers, if you want to sketch more precisely you can also buy their styles pen.

Bamboo Styles Pen

Best iPhone App: Evernote


I have been using Evernote on my iPhone for the last 6 months and it is simply the best note taking application out there. Evernote can synch with your desktop and your web account. It works on these platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, MAC, and Windows based desktops.

So, let’s say you record a voice note or take a picture on your iPhone while sitting at a cafe, then later you can download that note on the web or through your desktop. Evernote also makes a great desktop version of of its software and you can take notes on your computer which can later show up on your iPhone. This app truly shows that line between mobile, web and desktop are blurring, which is the future of computing.

Kudos to the designers and developers of Evernote, it is simply the best note taking iPhone app out there. Happy birthday Evernote!

Download it today.


Septa Schedule on iPhone

Septa Schedule on iPhoneThis week is full of iPhone news and coverage of its new 3G debut on Friday. In the same spirit I thought I would share one of my favorite web applications on the iPhone, it is iSepta.org. This is a type of site that I use everyday. It has all timetables and schedules of trains in Philly.

Even if you have another type of mobile phone (Blackberry, Treo etc..) with a web browser you can still use this site.

Three geniuses put together this little web app, and kudos for designing such a useful and easy to use iPhone app. Thanks!

Check it out: www.isepta.org

Weekly Round-up

Blog Burst
New syndication service for blogs. Wanna be popular online, then you want to check them out.

Webcast My Wedding
Ok, did you ever miss a wedding of someone very close to you? I have. Webcast My Wedding is the answer. They stream the whole wedding on the web for people like me. Cool.

If a person next to you is talking loudly on his/her cellphone and you are really helpless, then Cellzone is the perfect place for these super talkers. If they only had one of these in commuter trains, the whole world would be a better place.

US to Keep Control of ICANN
US Government will continue to regulate and operate Internet’s naming authority ICANN until 2011.

How Much Blog and How Often?
Article on blogging and some basic guidelines and tips from the authors of Publish and Prosper: Blogging for Your Business.

Weekly Round-up

Yahoo and MSN are speaking
Yahoo and MSN users now will be able to connect with each other and share contacts. This latest ice braker is seen as a bold move against their rival Google.

American Automakers’ web sites suck
David Meerman Scott, author of Cashing In With Content blogs about his experience with American Automakers web sites.

Vibe Streamer
Play and stream your music anywhere.

Insanely great newsletter on photography.

Turn your digital videos into paper flipclip books. Very neat concept.

Easily draw maps and give custom directions using Google Maps.

Weekly Round-up

Wufoo – Making Forms Easy
Create forms online simply with Wufoo. It let’s you design forms with drag & drop feature, collect form in a database, create reports, download data and much more. I love this service. Designed by guys at Infinity Box Inc.

Relay-AJAX Directory Manager
This new tool helps to manage directories and files through a very sleek and user-friendly interface.

Google the Inventor
Interesting NY Times article about how a search engine became an inventor of its own kind.

AOL Internet Service Free?
Yes, AOL might offer its dial-up service for free.

World Cup Finals are finally here
This weekend Italy and France will be battling for the first place in the World Cup, while Germany and Portugal will play for the third place. Cameron Moll posts about US vs European coverage of the World Cup and he is right on target. I prefer watching the World Cup games on Univision-spanish channel because ESPN does a horrible job in its coverage of this greatest sports event in the world.

What is Campfire?

Campfire LogoCampfire is a new web application that lets multiple users connect online in one place to chat and share files. This is the latest tool from 37 Signals, who also have developed Basecamp, Writeboard, Backpack and Ta-Da List.

This tool could be useful in many different type of setting. For example, if you are an Admissions Counselor at a University and you need to conduct an information session online, you could use Campfire to create a chatroom for all Prospective students and walk them through the Admissions process by chatting, sharing files and slides with the users.

If you are a Sales Manager and you have many employees in different geographic location, but you would like to connect and talk with all of them at the same time and share slides, sales spreadsheet or numbers in one location on the web (without spending money for all salespeople to travel all the way to your headquarters), then you can use Campfire.

Take a tour of this web application online and see for yourself!

Writely – The Web Word Processor


If you need a free word processor that you can use from any computer, anywhere in the world I recommend using Writely.

This little online tool can let you write, save and share your word documents without using Microsoft Word or WordPefect. The only thing you need to use this tool is a computer with Internet connection and a browser. That’s it.

Writely is perfect for those of us who need to edit, publish and share documents online without depending on bloated software packages. Users can also collaborate on a document, revise it and even blog it.

That’s not all, you can also upload your Microsoft Word document to Writely and edit that document online. Once you are finished editing your documents online, you can dowload your document in Word (.doc) or in Html (.html) formats to your desktop.

Writely has done a great job with the interface and the usability aspects of their online tool. Two thumbs way up!