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Customers Squeeze Tropicana: Lessons in Rebranding

Sometimes the rebranding and redesigning of products, web sites and logos are disliked, and even hated by customers. In the past we heard horror stories of eBay’s homepage redesign, or Coke’s introduction of New Coke. I recently saw the newly redesigned Tropicana at the store, and personally it really looked some generic store brand product, and it did not stand out from the competitors (since there are gazillion different products in this category). Recently the company announced that Tropicana will be going back to the old design for their packaging after hearing from many disgruntled customers of their dislike of this new design… I guess this must have been a very expensive exercise for the company.

Tropicana Packaging

Made in U.S.A

What does Made in U.S.A mean today to a consumer?

Levi’s, Ford, Cadillac, Caterpillar, and Nike are few of the American brands that are known overseas…but do they stand for quality as they used to? What do consumers think of these brands today?

Today there are less and less products being made in the U.S. Most of the production of goods have been sent to China or to some developing country in Asia or Latin America. From cars to sneakers, all are made in ‘China’ or ‘Mexico’ or elsewhere.

There is a great article in NY Times on what Made in U.S.A means to consumers around the world today.

How can U.S. stay competitive while shifting production overseas? The answer is Innovation.

What is a Brand?

It’s not your logotype…

Book Cover: The Brand Gap by Marty NeumeierMarty Neumeier’s “The Brand Gap” is one of the best books on branding and brand management that I have ever read.

According to Neumeier a brand is “person’s gut feeling about a product, service or a company.”

The book gets into many aspects of branding, what brand means, how much it is worth, why it is important and how to build a brand. He also gives great examples of how successful companies have built their brand and what keeps the brand a live and how to protect it.

It is a short book that can be finished in one sitting, and worth reading several times.