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How to reduce Junk Mail

I absolutely can’t stand junk mail in any form. I receive so much junk mail both through email and by regular postal mail, that I have to spend at least 3-4 hours a week deleting, shredding and throwing out both types of junk mail. I am sure this is the case for most of us today, we get bombarded by spammers, emarketers and direct mailers all the time.

There are spam filters for our emails, however it much more difficult to control paper-based junk mail.

Here are some startling facts about paper-based junk mail according to donotmail.org, every year Americans receive close to 104.7 billion pieces of junk mail which requires to produce 6.5 million tons of paper. More than 30% of junk mail usually ends up in landfills.

Well, now there are some solutions for reducing paper-based junk mail.

Catalog Choice

I recently came across Catalog Choice that can help in reducing mailbox clutter, specifically catalogs that usually fill up my mailbox. Catalog Choice helps to eliminate catalogs that you don’t want to receive which can help to reduce paper waste and save trees, plus it is free. It is a great concept and I highly recommend it.


There is also GreenDimes that helps to reduce all your junk mail not just catalogs, which is also another good solution. GreenDimes also plants trees on your behalf when you sign up to their premium service.

Veggie Cars

VeggiesHow much are you paying for a gallon of gas? $2.70? $2.50? $2.00?

How about paying $1 or less a gallon for environmentally clean biodiesel fuel?

First, you need to convert your car into biodiesel friendly machine using converters from Grease Car or Smarter Fuel, then you can stop by any of the restaurants in your area and pickup a drum of used veggie oil and you are set to go.

NY Times, article “For a ‘Veggie Car,’ Grease Is the Word” has some real world examples of how people are switching to environmentally friendly alternative fuels to heat their homes and run their cars.

Recycle Your E-Waste!

What is E-Waste?

E-waste is discarded electronics equipment which could be your old computer, monitor, CDs, cellphone, batteries, printer, printer ink, appliances, TV and other electronics. These products all contain some level of toxic elements that affect the environment in many ways.

Truck dumping waste

What’s the big deal?

In 2004 California Department of Public Safety estimated that there are 315 million obsolete computers in the United States. According to the EPA the United States alone produces over 2 million tons (exact figure: 2,124,400 tonnes/ per year) of electronic waste every year. These numbers are alarming considering that these numbers are growing every year, because there is so many new different types electronic products brought to market every year which creates more obsolete electronics that do not get recycled properly. Mercury, lead, and cadmium are some of the toxic substances in electronic equipment; these toxins can leak into groundwater and create cancer-producing dioxins when burned. If you want to know your yearly contribution to this e-waste, it is exactly 7.33 kg per year (16.15 pounds/year per person).

What can we do about it?

Recycle or donate your old electronics instead of throwing it into the garbage can. In some cases, when you donate your old equipment to certain non-profit organizations you can get a tax-deduction at the end of the year. So it is a win-win situation.

Here are some of the organizations that recycle e-waste: