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Email Design Guidelines

Sample HTML Email DesignEmail design is one of the most difficult tasks that take a lot of time and planning by web designers. Recipients of your pretty HTML emails have a very short attention span and on top of that your email looks different depending on what type of email program or service people are using. You have to keep testing the email to make sure it looks normal across many different email platforms.

Once the design of the email is completed, then you have to pay attention to the subjectline, images, wording and contents of your email, because it might trigger spam firewalls and throw your pretty HTML email into a Junk Mail of the recipient.

I came across this short article by good folks at Campaign Monitor on Email Design Guidelines, which could help us make sense of all this mess and maybe help to get our email message across to our recipients without getting shotdown by spam firewalls.

Weekly Round-up

You wanna put your family on the web? Famster is here to help. You can setup a secure web site for your family to share calendars, photos, notes, blog and much more for free. Easy to use and setup.

Pickle Juice (aka new Gatorade competitor)
Yes, pickle juice has all the good stuff you need to hydrate yourself after a heavy workout.

World Usability Day
On November 14, 2006 usability professionals world wide celebrate the World Usability Day. Find out how you can get involved.

Interesting approach to market a university…

Ebay and Google signed a deal this week to work together on text-based and click-to-call advertising online.

Writely is back
Writely is now back and accepts new accounts. Writely is simple and one the best word processing applications online. FYI: Writely was recently acquired by Google.