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New Search Engine by Microsoft: Bing

Bing.com Search Engine

Microsoft launched a new search engine Bing.com. It is a revamped version of Live.com search engine, which has not been successful in the past few years. But I do like Bing’s features and new preview tools it offers on the search results page. It offers a clean design and many customization options to the user.

Test drive the Bing.com!

Here is a short video about Bing:

Liberating Websites From Search Engines?

Search Results for Coffee

I have always wonderered what happens to that web site that is listed on 10th or 20th page results among the million search results that Google or Yahoo returns if you search for any keyword.

For example, I typed in ‘Coffee‘ to Google and I got 139 million results. How is that useful for me? I am not going to go through all of those 139 million web sites. This type of search results and search engine rankings create real problems and sets limitations to site owners who are depended on business leads or product sales from their web site. Because we are limited by search engine rankings, we end up paying extra for online advertisements to get that traffic or sales that we need.

Today, usability expert Jakob Neilsen posted an excellent column on this subject in his Alertbox, titled Liberating Websites From Search Engines.”

The article explains how Search Engines are sucking dry web site owners by Pay-Per-Click (PPC) bidding wars that hurt businesses and truly devalue the content of web sites. Nielsen suggests that by using PPC we are actually driving more traffic to the Search Engines. He also gives some solutions to liberate your site from solely relying on PPC and the Search Engines.