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Clicky: Real-time Web Analytics

Real-time Analytics by Clicky.com

I use Google Analytics a lot for web traffic analytics and reporting, however, it is missing one big feature which is real-time web analytics. All the reports you see on Google Analytics are for yesterday’s traffic. Many ecommerce, news and other transactional web sites want to monitor real-time traffic to see reports on how many people are on the site every hour and trying to see what the users are looking at right now, which page is viewed most in the past hour and much more. I came across Clicky.com which offers real-time web analytics that can be accessed on any mobile platform. Also, Clicky plays nice with many open-source web applications such as Joomla, WordPress and Magento, which is great.

Weekly Round-up

Times Magazine features best inventions of 2006.

Freshly redesigned Microsoft.com. Simpler and cleaner design.

Pimp your photo with PikiPimp.

Google Patent Search is live. For example, you can search for finger puppets, and of course, someone already patented it. :)

Wesabe.com lets you manage your finances in one place online and get advice about what do with your money.

Stikkit.com helps to organize your life by creating electronic “yellow notes that think.”

Adobe comes up with new icons and branding for its products. [via Veerle]

Weekly Round-up

Review of iPod Killers
Complete overview of latest “iPod Killers” that are coming out this year.

Simple Seating
Makes seating charts easier than ever using Web 2.0 stuff.

Browser Updates
This week Firefox 2.0 beta was out, coincidentally Internet Explorer 7 was released as well. Strangely both of these new browsers don’t pass the Acid2 Test of Web Standards Group. What’s up with that?

The 2006 Inc. 500 List
Detailed look at why these companies make the list.

Google: Can’t Stop This Train
Google’s sales increased 70% compared to the same time last year, and that’s what makes Google unstoppable.

What makes a good web site?
A good article on site design best practices.

Web Developer’s Handbook
Complete reference site with links to tools, articles and sites that are essential if you are a web developer.

To Publish or Not to Publish: Google Page Creator

Google is beta testing Google Page Creator that lets anyone with a Google account to create and publish a web page.

Google Page Creator Interface

The interface is very simple and easy to use. The online tool creates all the html code in clean XHTML with CSS to style the content. Like all other Google applications, the Page Creator has a very user-friendly interface and offers ways to change the layout and 100 MB of space to publish your web site. Also, you can choose from 5-10 different templates with different color schemes to style your homepage any way you want.

Take a test drive and see for your self!